The Deza region enjoys an unbeatable geographical position: it’s situated in the very north of the Province of Pontevedra, a short distance away from the main Galician cities. This is a dynamic region in a constant state of development, made up of six local governments: Agolada, Dozón, Lalín, Rodeiro, Silleda and Vila de Cruces.

These lands stand out for their rich natural, cultural and gastronomical heritage:

Among its landscapes, Fraga de Catasós stands out for its hidden hundred-year-old oaks and forts falling under the category of Natural Monument, or the Sierra de O Candán, the Brañas de Xestoso, the Sobreiral do Arnego or the impressive waterfall Catarata del río Toxa (all of these being natural spaces declared as Places of Community Importance–Spanish abbreviation: LIC–according to Red Natura 2000).

The best way to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes of this region is to travel through its traditional routes.

Deza’s landscape, as a setting in which human life has developed since the olden times, shows us the distinct cultures that populate it. The grouping of the petroglyphs of Moimenta, the tumulus of Alperiz o Refoxos, the 107 fort sites that have been catalogued and a Roman heritage of great cultural value (Taboada bridge, the Bendoiro houses, Liñares and Figueroa, the Carboeiro monastery…) are witnesses to a past that gives this territory its personality and character.

This is also a prolific territory in terms of quality products, which gives the place its gastronomic excellence. The proof is in the fact that in the six municipalities of the region there is an important tradition of gastronomic parties and festivals dedicated to the exaltation of local products, some of which enjoy a great level of popularity: Feira do Cocido [Stew Festival (Lalín)], Fiesta de la Empanada de Bandeira [Bandeira Empanada Party (Silleda)], Tortilla of Laro (Silleda), Fiesta de la Carne al Caldero [Boiled meat party (Dozón)], Fiesta del Gallo de Corral [Farmyard Chicken Party (Vila de Cruces)], Fiesta de la Caza [Festival of the Hunt (Rodeiro)], Fiesta del Cerco Cebado y Lechón [Fattened Pig Party (Agolada)]…