The activities at Castrodeza make up an ideal complement to the exhibit visit. They are designed with the same criterion of quality as the visitation program, and combine teaching with recreation and experimentation, the Castrexa culture and the Deza region being a central facet.

Develop part of the dress and assembly of the Castrexo warriors, get acquainted with the transformation and evolution of the Deza landscape, participate in archeological laboratory assignments and discover the cuisine as a structural element of a society and territory, among other activities that children and adults can all enjoy during their visit to Castrodeza.

All of the workshops, approximately 40 minutes long, are adapted for each type of group based on their interests, ages and needs (4-person minimum).
To participate in one of the workships, a reservation needs to be made in advance by phone, 986 781 608, or email,


Warriors of Deza

Caetra, sagum, torques, viria… Want to know the meaning of and experiment with these and other objects that make up a part of the dress of these Iron Age warriors?


Castrexo laboratory

An archeological piece goes through many stages from the point of its discovery to its placement in a museum display. Discover the different stages of this process at our crazy laboratory.


Alum in town

Learn to control the only one of four natural elements capable of congregating the human community around it and contribute to its development as a society: fire.


Axle disk and linen

You’re going to experience such cold if you can’t dominate the art of sewing! Try working with looms, a traditional activity that links back to our ancestors, the Castrexos.


The living forest

Get to know the symbiosis between humanity and the landscape, a witness to our passage through history. Don’t allow this connection to be lost; come experiment with our nature and leave your mark.


At San Martin, pork and wine

Pork, turnip greens and tradition, all mixed up in this tasty cooking! Discover what traditional Galician killing pork consists of, get to know the most prestigious products and dishes in the region and contribute the famous recipe tradition of Deza, with its innovative offerings.