The Castrodeza (Gastrodeza) center is an initiative of the Pontevedra Council which forms a part of the depoDeza project, which promotes a socioeconomic development that is both balanced and sustainable within the region, through means of endogenous resources.

Castrodeza was designed jointly with the last project to extend the Pontevedra Museum; both spaces make up the so-called Cultura Castrexa Virtual Center, which is meant to highlight the cultural heritage of the region, giving greater reach to the Castrexa culture as an instrument of revitalization.

Castrodeza is located in the so-called Technological Fort, a vanguard building built by the architects Luís M. Mansilla and Emilio Tuñón, which hosts the Government of Lalín, among other services to the citizens.

This building, which according to experts forms an architectural reference for the 21st century, part of the circular design, inspired by the tradition of the Castrexo towns. It was inaugurated in 2013, a year in which it was also awarded by Spain’s 12th Biennial of Architecture and Urban Planning, the section dedicated to civic symbols.